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Google Adsense new rules make adding site reviews even more difficult

Google Adsense new rules for Adding Sites

Google Adsense new rules for Adding Sites - Recently, around the beginning of October 2018 Google Adsense made changes for new accounts, namely all sites added to Adsense must go through the review stage first. It turns out that this does not only apply to the new adsense account, but all adsense accounts will change their appearance where the site menu which was previously the 'account' sub menu is issued to the start menu.

Now all adsense account owners must pass a site review first before serving ads on personal blogs

Lately, many people are starting to jump into the world of Adsense advertising business, from middle/high school children—to adults, all of whom use Adsense to get financial benefits.

Side jobs such as bloggers, application developers, youtubers are now a trend in the freelance world favored by the Millennial generation

A lot of people are competing to build a tool site , make quality videos , create attractive apps , all of which they do for money . income from adsense.

But specifically for bloggers, this is a little complicated, 1 adsense account can usually be used with up to 500 blog/website urls, but to serve ads on other urls now you have to go through a site review period first.

Some say that the review of the add site is different from the review when you first registered for an adsense account, even though this makes adsense account breeders lower the price at the bottom position up to 100 thousand / account

Just imagine, buy an adsense account fresh add site review before using it you have to add the blog url first and go through a site review period before it is finally approved to serve ads from adsense

In the past 1 domain could create 4 adsense accounts, now new Adsense must be sold as well as domains to sell in the market

New adsense account added site review without domain costs 100 thousand, if all domains 0 visitors the price is 150 thousand, if the blog has visitors depending on the seller's offer

As the number of AdSense partners increases, so does the increase in account policies.

Adsense accounts are very sensitive, every month we see many publishers whose accounts are disabled, whether it's because the publishers themselves are cheating or the Adsense system detects invalid activity.

Now all adsense accounts will change to add site review to ensure site ownership and eligibility to show ads

Adsense policy add site review

Many webmasters focus too much on the word review, they think that if you add a blog url to the latest Adsense account, you have to do a review first, then what's the difference with registering your own account?

Actually the review here is just a request for verification that the added domain really belongs to the Adsense publisher

However, I've heard that someone added a site with forbidden content, i.e. downloading movies, as a result the site adding process failed

So the function of the review site add here, the first is to confirm the ownership of the domain and the website is legally indicated by placing a verification code under the tag then the second is to make sure that the website content added does not violate the adsense policy otherwise it will be rejected for sure.

I admit the adsense policy is getting more selective, when it was still early to issue a new policy. Most publishers consider the site review add feature only as a formality because niche lifestyle blogs with only 2 content are accepted but getting here is getting harder

I have an adsense account that just added a site review, in mid-December I added a blog with content criteria that met the adsense guidelines and a neat design, but the results were rejected on the grounds of the information created (this blog is more than 1 year old)

Google Adsense new rules make adding site reviews even more difficult

Then I saw a friend added another blog to the add site review account and the results were also rejected on the grounds of no content. I'm confused because in the blog there are dozens of articles and they are indexed by Google

Could it be that one day adding site reviews is as difficult as a review when registering an adsense account for the first time? it could be, given the number of new adsense partners who want to join the advertising program, making the Adsense expert team more sensitive in accepting new publishers or new sites to ensure that they are really worthy to be partners.

Why did google release new rules for add site review? and all accounts affected?

We know that most publishers use blackhat techniques or violate Adsense guidelines and that is considered detrimental to the advertiser ecosystem

For example, the rise of the C4C / click for click community among other Adsense publishers, the use of adsense ads for safelink/shortlink blogs whose download links are intentionally placed adjacent to the download button, the use of floating ads floating slider shadow box, adsense installed on the web automatically, fbads to adsense ad campaigns. , auto click scripts to the use of robot visitors with a user agent that looks as if it is real and can increase adsense income

It's not a taboo anymore if we look at the blogger forum, most of the new webmasters are getting paid, my neighbor is still in junior high school subscribed to IPTS premium members with IPs up to 10000 and the auto click feature based on certain tags has succeeded in gaining millions of rupiah from the adsense account.

This is what makes adsense improvise to improve the ad ecosystem and protect advertisements from losses caused by blackhat players

At the same time, this also protects you, actually, we see internet networks like Telkom and other ISPs always injecting Adsense ads every time you open the site.

It's ridiculous indeed, when you connect to the @wifiid network and access the www.makmur.eu.org blog which is not advertised by the web owner, suddenly visitors see ad impressions from the script injection results.

They are looking for profit and it sucks because our website is used by certain people without the permission of the site owner

With the emergence of the add site reviews feature now you don't have to worry because the ad will not appear again as long as your blog's domain has not been registered with adsense / not related to an adsense account with a certain id

It's the same when you install a wp plugin, wp theme or blogger template, you suddenly see adsense ads. Indirectly your blog has been used by others and now you don't have to worry about it anymore

"...with security standards to ensure the authenticity of each ad publisher, this can help prevent rogue publishers from using Adsense in inappropriate and inappropriate ways so that it brings benefits to the account owner even though the ad is broadcast on other people's blogs..." said Chief Google Product Officer Neal Mohan and Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl in a blog post

All adsense sites, including the old ones, will be affected by the update of the add site review display, so old accounts are guaranteed not to be too expensive after this policy update

Conclusion of new rules add site review

Add site reviews are indeed a frightening specter for site owners or those who always fail to apply for adsense, it is hoped that the number of breeders will decrease and the number of blackhat players will decrease in order to create a conducive advertising ecosystem

At the beginning of November, the blog only had 1 article that was easily approved during the add site review process, now in mid-December my blog with 1300 content was rejected. Just imagine what happened? now I have to improve the quality of the content by deleting some posts related to software

For account breeders, please don't sell your account. Since April 2018 Adsense has released a policy so that one user can only have one account. Use Adsense according to its function

Another rule: if the adsense account does not serve ads for 6 months then the account will automatically be canceled. Now have you started to panic because fresh accounts are piling up? please sell before the addsite review policy gets harder

Oh yeah, how long does it take for the helmykkediri.id blog to go through the process of adding a review site? I added that since it was 3 in the morning until now at 12 noon it still hasn't been approved even though it was less than 1 hour in the beginning

This is an explanation post regarding the new rules for Google Adsense Fresh Add Site Review, I hope it will be useful and provide enlightenment for all of you. Please if you want to respond to this article and please share your experience in the comments column below

( Desi )

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