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10 Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas - Along with developments & progress in the field of home design, now many new residential concepts have emerged such as growing houses, smart homes to minimalist homes. Among the millennial generation, simple minimalist homes are now increasingly popular. Because, there are many advantages to building a minimalist home.

Apart from being a frugal place, the construction of a minimalist landed house requires lower funds compared to luxury housing. Plus, maintenance costs will be much cheaper than luxury residences. Modern minimalist treads are currently being adopted by millennial families.

1 Floor Minimalist House Design

Are you one of those people who crave a modern minimalist footprint as a place to live? If so, here Lamudi will provide 10 of the latest minimalist home designs in 2021 as a source of inspiration in building a residence to realize your dream home with your family.

1. Example of a minimalist house image

Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via home-designing.com

Even though it doesn't have a backyard, the front porch in this house design looks very comfortable. With the use of parquet, it is perfect for relaxing while drinking tea in the afternoon. The design of this minimalist house is also so simple, but it can be seen that the use of monochrome colors is able to create more space.

2. Example of a minimalist house image 

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via home-designing.com

The latest minimalist house plan above is perfect for those of you who like to cook, because if you look at the design you will find that the size of the kitchen is made larger. The flexibility will be created while cooking. 

In addition, different from other simple minimalist landed houses, in this design you will find the main bedroom has its own WC and bathroom. The building area is larger overall, but you have to give up not having a front porch or back garden.

3. Examples of minimalist home designs

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via incoreresidential.com

Get around the availability of narrow land with this 1-story minimalist house plan. You can put some plants in the corners of the house to keep it feeling 'green'. Also use paint and buy neutral colored furniture to make it look spacious. also control the use of excessive furniture.

4. Examples of Minimalist Home Design

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via aptodecoradopequeno.com

Have more than 1 child but not enough funds to make a minimalist and luxurious landed house? Relax, you can work around this by using a single bed like the design above. So, the number of rooms remains 2 pieces but can accommodate more people. The drawback is that the main room is narrower than the children's room. But after all it is not a fatal flaw in a dwelling.

5. Examples of Minimalist Home Designs

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
photo via decorfacil.com

An area of ​​approximately 105 square meters, you can more freely arrange the layout of a minimalist 1-story residence as shown in the following picture. There is a front garden, a rear garden as well as 1 carport. You will definitely get a cool and beautiful atmosphere if you imitate this layout. The side of care is that there is still space left, namely a garden for children to explore if you have toddlers.

2 Storey Minimalist House Layout

In the first step, we have discussed about a house with a 1st floor and a unique design. Now in the second step, we will discuss about a minimalist house with 2 floors and a design that is no less interesting than the first step. Here is a collection of house designs with 2 floors that are suitable for you to consider:

1. Minimalist 2 Storey House Design

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photos via Pinterest

From this design, we can see that this tread residence applies a downstairs system that is only used for shared activities, not personal activities. Because the 1st floor contains the living room / family room, dining room, kitchen as well as the maid's room.

2. Examples of 2-storey minimalist house images

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via pikby.com

Have the land widen to the side? Then this 2-storey residence design is for you. The advantage of a wide land form is that you have more space to use as a carport. If the other house can only accommodate 2 cars, then this house can accommodate 3 cars.

3. Minimalist 2 Storey House Design

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via mundo-casas.com

Leaving land to be used as a garden around your house is always a good idea. Although the layout is very simple, but of course it can still provide comfort for residents. The exterior design of the residence is also very simple but still pleasing to the eye.

4. Picture of a 2 Storey Minimalist House

Photo via robinsonplans

This minimalist home design can be said to be the right solution for those who have narrow land but the budget is quite a lot to build a 2-story house. By using this floor plan as a reference, the solution for narrow land but still yearning to have a spacious house can be realized.

5. Minimalist 2 Storey House Design

Unique and Cheap Minimalist Home Design Ideas
Photo via hausbaudirekt.de

Building a mini swimming pool on the remaining land behind the house seems like a good idea, especially with the combination of the use of glass and a villa-style residential design. Can make you feel like you are on vacation every day.

Shelters like this will always be missed at the end of the day or at the end of the residents' daily activities because they can give the impression of being calm, calm, comfortable and relaxed.

The layout can also make residents feel at home for long, not going out on weekends. And this is certainly very good considering that nowadays there are so many landed houses that only act as beds, while the warmth of family is starting to be forgotten.

Those are 10 minimalist home designs that are cheap to build. Hopefully the article that we are given to all of you can be useful for all of you. Also help share on your social media


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