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Types of Content That Get Your Videos Blocked On YouTube

Types of Content That Get Your Videos Blocked On YouTube

Types of Content Youtube Often Blocks - Youtube is an internet-based digital platform that provides various facilities for the public to enjoy video content for free. Not only being a connoisseur of the videos presented in it, this website allows users to upload, watch, and share videos practically.

Currently, Youtuber can be called one of the professions that is quite lucrative. Youtube is now an industrial area that allows its users to earn income or what is known as monetization. Through this scheme, Youtube gets permission to insert ads in the videos you upload, and users will get 45 percent of the ads, while the remaining 55 percent is for Youtube.

However, the issue of earning an income must not violate the existing rules. That is, if the content or video uploaded by the Youtuber is the result of personal creativity, then that is certainly not a problem. But what if the uploaded content involves other people or the work of others? Are there consequences? The answer is, there is!

Until recently, videos that violated Youtube's community guidelines were immediately blocked by Youtube. Therefore, Youtube firmly follows up on any videos that are indicated to violate YouTube policies.

If there is inappropriate content that violates our Community Guidelines , users can report the content for review by YouTube staff

Types of Directly Blocked Youtube Videos

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Here is a list of some types of videos that are not allowed to be uploaded on the
Youtube channel. If you violate the community guidelines then you will face the consequences:

1. Sexual content or nudity

YouTube says it will remove pornographic or sexually explicit content. They also work closely with law enforcement and will report child exploitation.

2. Harmful or harmful content

Videos that encourage others to do things that could seriously injure them, especially children, are considered infringing. Videos featuring risky or dangerous behavior may be age-restricted or removed, depending on the severity.

3. Hateful content

Violent content against individuals or groups based on SARA, caste, sexual orientation, or gender identity, or content that incites hatred on the basis of these primary characteristics is considered infringing.

4. Violent or vulgar content

Violent or scary content, intended to shock people, seek sensationalism, or otherwise be offensive is not allowed.

If you want to post violent content in the context of news or documentaries, you must provide sufficient information so that others can understand what is happening in the video.

5. Harassment and cyberbullying

Posting rude videos and comments on YouTube is not allowed. If the harassment crosses the line leading to a malicious attack, the content in question may be reported and possibly removed.

6. Spam to scam

No misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails to increase views. Posting untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages, in large numbers.

7. Threat

Predatory behavior, stalking someone, threats, harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, disclosing other people's personal information, and inciting others to commit acts of violence are not allowed.

8. Copyright

Upload your own videos or those that are authorized to use them. This means that you may not upload videos that are not your own, or use content in videos that someone else owns the copyright, such as music tracks, copyrighted program trailers, or videos created by other users, without the necessary permissions.

9. Privacy

If you post personal information or upload videos without permission, users can request that the content be removed.

10. Impersonation

Accounts that are proven to be impersonating another channel or individual can be deleted immediately.

Hopefully this article about the types of videos that are often blocked by YouTube can be useful for all of you. And help share this article on the social media you use.


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