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10 Most Popular Types of Articles on the Internet

Most Popular Types of Articles on the Internet

10 Most Popular Types of Articles on the Internet - In general, there are 5 types of articles that we study in school, namely description articles, narratives, arguments, expositions and persuasion.Before we know what types of articles are the most popular on the Internet, it would be nice to recall the meaning of the 5 types of articles above.

Types of Articles that are Often Popular on the Internet

Here are 5 types of articles that are often popular on the internet that you need to know. The goal is to be used as reference material in your article writing:

1. Article Description

This type of article contains information or something that is described so that the reader can feel, see, and hear the story or event firsthand.

2. Narrative Articles

This type of article contains stories or events that are told chronologically or in chronological order (beginning, middle, and end).

In this type of article there are characters, conflicts, and problem solving. Examples of narrative essays are short stories, saga, biography, autobiography.

3. Argument Article

An argumentative article is an essay that contains the author's ideas, ideas, or opinions accompanied by data, opinions and facts to support it.

4. Exposition Articles

An exposition article is an article that contains information that is explained briefly, concisely, accurately and in depth so as to add insight to the reader. Examples of expository articles such as news in newspapers and user guides.

5. Persuasion Articles

A persuasive article is information whose content aims to influence the reader so that they are willing to do something according to what the author says.

Types of Frequently Used Words by Category

Types of Frequently Used Words by Category

Unlike the 5 types of articles above, articles that are popular on the internet, namely blogs or websites, have their own characteristics but also sometimes combine several types of articles in one article.

Articles spread on the internet tend to be shorter and denser because most readers of articles on the internet often linger and look for specific, clear and fast answers.

1. How To

This type of article contains information that teaches how to do or make something.

Many people and maybe you are one of them, when in doubt or at all don't know how to use or make something, will immediately find a way by entering the keyword in a search engine like Google.

Example of a how to article title:

  • - How to Make a Google Form
  • - How to Clean a Slow Laptop
  • - How to Write Good Articles

2. This is (Understanding)

Articles of this type contain information that explains certain meanings or terms.

Articles of this type sometimes consist of only 300 words, but can reach 1000 words if accompanied by examples.

Example of this type of article title:

  • -Understanding Online and Offline, What's the Difference?
  • -Know the term insecure and understand the signs
  • -Knowing what is an economic recession, its effects and causes

3. Storytelling

This type of article contains stories or true stories that are able to attract and change the reader's feelings.

Articles of this type are mostly used for marketing content.

Examples of storytelling article titles:

  • -How Dewa Eka Prayoga Makes 10 Million Rupiah Per Month from Affiliate Marketing Business
  • -Only 1 month of taking this herbal medicine, thank God I completely recovered from cancer
  • - Drastic Weight Loss, This is the Secret to Sports and Diets Performed by Fulan Artists

4. List Post (Listicle)

This type of article contains unique and interesting information that makes the reader curious

Articles of this type generally use numbers in the title.

Example of a List Post article type title:

  • - Take a peek at the 5 Richest Countries in the World
  • - 10 Most Influential Figures in Human History
  • - These are the 10 Best Foods in the World in 2020

5. Breaking News

Unlike the news on TV or radio, which means important news that temporarily stops the program, in online media the meaning of breaking news is broader because it focuses more on the word "news", namely the news value.

This type of article contains news about events that were surprising, unexpected, or had a major impact.

Examples of breaking news article titles:

  • - Amerika PSBB is tightened again starting today
  • - Covid-19 Out of Control, Donal Trump Decides Amerika Total PSBB!
  • - Amerika Serikat PSBB Again, Markets and Malls Can Still Open

6. Case Study

Articles of this type contain interesting and useful study results from reliable and accountable sources.

Examples of case study article titles:

  • - Writing Traumatic and Emotional Events Proven To Improve Physical and Psychological Health
  • - 80 percent of Corona patients under 20 years are people without symptoms
  • - 60% of people decide to buy a product after reading recommended articles about it

7. Product Review

This type of article contains specific information about a product or service being reviewed, such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, logo design services and so on.

Example of a review article type title:

  • - Price of Article Writing Services at Saungwriter, Types and Facilities Obtained
  • - Asus VivoBook Ultra k403FA Review: Thin Body Laptop Premium Features
  • - Tourist Attractions and Tour Ticket Prices in Paris

8. Opinion

This type of article contains information in the form of data, facts or stories that support the author's opinion.

This type of article is generally used for articles on predictions, intertainment and so on.

Example of an opinion article type title:

  • - 5 Reasons Why Pre-Employment Cards Are Ineffective in Overcoming Unemployment and the Solutions
  • - Blogs Are Still Interested In The Domination Of Visual Content
  • - Strict PSBB is again enforced, is it effective in suppressing the spread of the Corona Virus?

9. Wake Up Calls

This type of article contains interesting information that encourages readers to immediately do it or even be aware to immediately leave or avoid it.

Examples of this type of article title:

  • - These 8 Habits Can Make You A Professional Writer
  • - 5 Tips for Writing Articles That Go Viral Fast
  • - 8 Beginner Writer Mistakes, You Must Avoid

10. Infographics

This type of article contains information in the form of text combined with visual elements such as images, illustrations, graphics or typography.
Example of an infographic article title:

  • - 10 Strict PSBB Rules Applicable in America Starting Today
  • - Procedure for leaving and entering the house in the midst of the Corona COVID-19 Pandemic
  • - Complete Chronology of the Covid 19 Virus Entering the United States

Keep in mind that even though the 10 types of articles above have a lot of fans or readers, these articles will still compete with thousands of similar articles so they need a strategy to distribute them to readers.

In addition, in order to occupy the start page of search engines like Google, writers need to have additional skills, namely basic SEO understanding.

Why do we need to make sure our articles appear on the first page of search engine results like Google? Because data shows that information seekers on the Internet only open or read articles that appear on the start page of search engines.

If you have other opinions or additions, please write them in the comments.

( Rahani )

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